Responsible Use/Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship

The Victor Valley Union High School District is committed to helping our stakeholders utilize technology responsibly by implementing a Responsible Technology Use Agreement environment.  This environment includes:

  • PARENT/GUARDIAN: Acceptance of an opt-out only Responsible Use Agreement (RUA) during the online registration process.
  • STUDENT: Annual Google Classroom digital citizenship lesson completed within 30 days of enrollment.  Lessons are 20-25 minutes administered within classroom labs, the classroom, or at home.  Content is grade specific utilizing CommonSense Media lessons.  To access the digital citizenship classrooms, students login to Google with their district email, visit the Google Classroom homepage, and press the "+" to join their grade specific class using the below codes.  If a student has lost access due to not completing the Digital Citizenship Google Classroom, they may click the grade level Lesson Link below to complete the Digital Citizenship activities and regain their technology access:
 Grade Level Topic  Google Classroom Code   Lesson Link
 7th Grade Digital Life 101  o3m76w6
 8th Grade Scams and Schemes  1hsxfu3
 9th Grade Cyberbullying: Be Understanding  se1u4x9
 10th Grade Digital Life 102  a4iz6r 
 11th Grade Copyrights and Wrongs  s6jxut
 12th Grade Oops! I Broadcast It On The Internet  g22euw
  • STAFF: Acceptable Use Policy signed during employment process and acceptance of use upon computer login.


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