Responsible Use/Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship

The Victor Valley Union High School District is committed to helping our stakeholders utilize technology responsibly by implementing a Responsible Technology Use Agreement environment.  This environment includes:

  • PARENT/GUARDIAN: Acceptance of an opt-out only Responsible Use Agreement (RUA) during the online registration process.
  • STUDENT: Annual Google Classroom digital citizenship lesson completed within 30 days of enrollment.  Lessons are 20-25 minutes administered within classroom labs, the classroom, or at home.  Content is grade specific utilizing CommonSense Media lessons.  To access the digital citizenship classrooms, visit:
 Grade Level Topic  Google Classroom Code 
 7th Grade  Digital Life 101  bdn006b
 8th Grade  Scams and Schemes  w1n4j
 9th Grade  Cyberbullying: Be Understanding  4mr53p
 10th Grade  Digital Life 102  fr27n8
 11th Grade  Copyrights and Wrongs  tncrmp
 12th Grade  Oops! I Broadcast It On The Internet  6hzepn4
  • STAFF: Acceptable Use Policy signed during employment process and acceptance of use upon computer login.