SES Application Process for Tutoring

Application Process

Applications will be available at the Provider Fairs, the district web site, and your student’s school site. If interested, parents must submit an application to the student’s school.  All applications must be received by the registration deadline to be considered.

If there are more eligible students than we can provide services to, the students will be prioritized by test scores with the lowest achieving students receiving highest priority.

Providers are independent contractors paid by VVUHSD on your behalf up to a certain dollar amount.  They are not school employees, but they have been screened by the State of California. Parents have the right to select which provider they want to use, and school staff can not suggest, recommend, or assist parents in this choice. 

You will be notified by mail if your student was approved for this program or not. If approved, we will contact each provider for service availability in the order you chose. We will also handle paperwork so these providers can get paid. Do not begin tutoring services until you have received formal written authorization to do so.

Each eligible student can only participate in one session per year. SES tutoring sessions for this school year are as follows.


As the parent/guardian of this student I understand that:

  1. To be eligible for these services my child must be eligible for free or reduced lunch. It is the parent's responsibility to apply for these programs each year BEFORE the application deadline.
  2. The student must attend one of the qualifying schools. If the student transfers to a non-Program Improvement school (year 2 PI or higher), then he/she will no longer be eligible for tutoring services.
  3. All applications are reviewed in the order received. Priority will be given to the lowest performing students if the program fills up, in accordance with Federal law.
  4. The student must regularly attend the program or he/she will be dropped.
  5. If the parent delays, defers, refuses, or cancels services, the child will be dropped and not be reinstated.
  6. The District is only obligated to pay for tutoring services up to the per student allotment (Per Pupil Rate or PPR) designated by the state; and only for this school year. Services end when the PPA is reached, or when the tutoring session ends, whichever comes first.
  7. If there are any problems or concerns with the tutoring provider, the parent will address them with the District representative. The District will make good faith efforts to resolve any problems.
  8. Transportation will not be provided, and any such costs for the child are the responsibility of the parent.
  9. The parent must attend a meeting with a representative of the agency/provider and the school’s representative to establish goals for the student.
  10. VVUHSD reserves the right to cancel a provider on behalf of the parent if it is deemed in the best interest of the student. The student will be assigned a new tutor in these cases.


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