UP Student attends STEM Congress

UP student meets top scientists in Boston
Posted on 09/28/2018
For University Preparatory sophomore Vladislav Zuev, good grades and a passion for science paid off in a big way this past summer.

After completing his freshman year at UP, Vladislav (known as Vlad to his classmates) was selected to attend the Congress of Future Science and Technology Leaders in the Boston area. The Congress is an honors-only program for high school students who are passionate about science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM).

Vlad was nominated to represent California by National Academy of Future Scientists and Technologists Science Director Dr. John C. Mather, a winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics. Nominations are based on academic achievement, leadership potential and interest in science/technology.

The Victor Valley Union High School District helped facilitate Vlad’s attendance at the three-day event, where he joined students from across the county to hear presentations from Nobel Laureates and National Medal of Science winners.

“It was interesting,” Vlad said. “(Boston) was different from what I’m used to because it’s on the other side of America. It was pretty fun. … Different types of technologists described their lives and how they got to where they are now.”

In addition to the Congress, the organization offers resources for students interested in pursuing careers in science, including mentoring, career guidance and college application assistance.

“I really enjoy astronomy, the stars and space,” Vlad said when asked about his potential career path. “I really want to become an astronomer and study the stars and other planets.”

Vlad, 14, enjoys drawing and sketching as well as playing soccer or football in his spare time. He lives with his three brothers and his parents, who came to the U.S. from Russia when Vlad was 3.

“He’s an awesome student,” said Sagrario Faison, who has been Vlad’s history teacher the past two years. “He doesn’t complain; he asks questions. He’s really curious about content. If he sees (classmates) struggling, he’ll go and help. He’s aware of when someone needs help. He’s just a really good kid.”
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