Supported Systems


Supported Systems

The TechED Department of Information Technology, Assessment/Accountability, and Institutional Effectiveness under the Business Services Division maintains the District’s Student Information System (SIS) databases to provide timely information to teachers, administrators, parents and students. The Department processes all grades, assessments, and state reports. TechEd is also responsible for all online learning and applications, which includes but not limited to email, websites, and help desk.

In addition, the department provides necessary data to the Business Services Division to facilitate attendance accounting for state reporting purposes, enrollment projections, and open enrollment processing.

Responsibilities include but not limited to:

AERIES - Student Information System. A cross platform web-portal that allows for real-time access to student data using any modern web browser.

Aesop- A telephone and web-based system that manages employee absences and substitute job assignments.

CALPADS - California Longitudinal Pupil Achievement Data System maintains individual-level data for state and federal reporting.

DELL - Provides support on all computer hardware and servers.

DTS - Is a document tracking system that allows the district to streamline updating and sharing a wide array of school and district-level reports such as SCAR and SPSA.

SchoolMessenger Website - Website management system that allows staff to contribute to the website regardless of their technical background or training to keep parents and students up-to-date.

Edmentum - Provides online courses in a wide range of core subjects, electives, world languages, honors, and Advanced Placement® offerings.

E-rate - Provides discounted services to our schools and libraries for eligible telecommunications services.

KACE - Software that is used by the Help Desk to manage daily operations.

INSPECT - Online item bank that syncs with SchoolCity to provide teachers with CCSS aligned assessments and student progress reports.

MARS - Provides Math teachers access to a library of assessment content as well as professional development resources that supports instruction and increases skills.

OMS - A online staff development calendar that monitors services provided and provides reports.

SchoolCity - Online assessment, accountability and data management solution to promote student achievement, teacher engagement, and Common Core readiness.

SchoolMessenger- A notification service quickly delivers large volumes of messages through multiple channels.Quick Guide Getting Started

State Reporting - Website that facilitates the standardizing and efficient electronic transfer of student information.

StudentTracker- Provides the VVUHSD with verification and post student educational outcome research.

Synced Solution - Web-based, mobile-friendly application that provides K-12 educators with end-to-end Common Core State Standards (CCSS) implementation, curriculum, and assessment solution.

Viatron- A web-based electronic cum folder solution for the districts.

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