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I.  Transportation

The California Education Code permits the transportation of students to and from school and school related activities aboard district owned and operated school buses, or by other means prescribed by law. With the approval of the County Superintendent of Schools, the VVUHSD Board of Trustees may provide for the transportation of students provided that the necessary resources are available.

Resources permitting, and on a limited basis, transportation service shall be determined using the following criteria;

Students are only eligible for transportation service if they reside within the established attendance boundaries for the school in which they are enrolled, and

Students must reside at a distance greater than two (2) miles from any school that does not offer education beyond the eighth grade. For schools offering education beyond eighth grade, students must reside at a distance greater than three (3) miles. Distances may be greater than or less than those specified based upon available resources.

Please note that distances specified are minimums. The District reserves the right to increase or decrease the minimum distances based upon available resources. Distances are measured following publicly owned and maintained paved thoroughfares. Proof of residency may be required.

Transportation and Passenger Safety 

E.C. §39831.3; §39831.5; B.P. §3543; AR §3543– The District’s Transportation Safety Plan is available for review at all school sites and district Business Services office. The Plan requires safety regulations be provided to all new students.

Ridership Information 

It is the goal of the Transportation Services Department (TSD) to provide the safest, most efficient, timely and professional transportation service possible to every eligible student bus rider. With this in mind, the District Administration and the Board of Trustees have established policies and procedures in accordance with California law and regulations to ensure the safety of all students transported aboard school buses to and from school and school related activities.

Bus Rider Conduct 

Transportation service is a privilege and we believe that all students can conduct themselves in an appropriate and safe manner while riding on a school bus. Students are required to sit properly in their seat, face forward with their feet on the floor, talk quietly and comply with all of the safe riding rules and regulations. All students and staff will treat others with courtesy, care and respect. Students whose conduct violates any rule or state law that is designed to ensure their safety or the safety of others, shall receive a Student Conduct Report and be referred to the Director of Transportation Services or their designee. Violations of the safe riding rules listed in this publication or any applicable law may result in a warning to the student or a suspension of their bus riding privileges. Student bus riders shall:

1.  Display their school issued identification to the bus driver every day before boarding at bus stops or school loading zones. Follow the bus driver’s direction and instructions at all times.

2.  Arrive at the bus stop prior to the arrival of the bus, wait quietly in a safe place, and approach the bus to board only after the door is opened and go directly to their seats.

3.  Disembark from the bus carefully and quietly, standing at least twelve (12) feet back from the bus before it departs (see diagram below). When crossing the street, do so in front of the bus as directed by the bus driver. 


4.  Talk quietly and refrain from yelling, whistling, or other distracting noises. Use no profane, vulgar or offensive language nor make any obscene gestures or be disrespectful to other students and/or the bus driver.

5.  Refrain from throwing or shooting objects in or from the bus.

6.  Remain seated at all times while the bus is in motion. No part of one’s body shall extend out of the bus window.

7.  Use only the designated bus stop closest to your home. In the event another bus or bus stop is to be used, Approval must be granted by the Director of Transportation and/or by his/her designee staff.

8.  Consume no food, beverage, or gum on the bus. Refrain from littering and throwing objects within, out of, or at the bus.

9.  Never threaten, attempt to cause physical harm, assault or fight with any other student(s) or the bus driver.

10.  Do not board any bus with potentially hazardous objects, glass objects, weapons or any articles considered hazardous or illegal, nor any animal except as provided by California Civil Code section 54.2.

11.  Do not vandalize, deface or destroy any part of the school bus, the personal property of others, or private property at the bus stop or along route from home to the bus stop. Bus riding privileges will be suspended until restitution is made. The parent(s)/guardian(s) having custody of a student who commits vandalism will be held liable for up to ten thousand ($10,000.00) dollars damage.

12.  Smoking, use of matches or lighter, or any other use of fire on a school bus is prohibited.

13.  Possession of drugs, alcohol, weapons or any hazardous material or object is prohibited. 

PLEASE NOTE: Bus drivers are authorized to assign seats or establish a seating arrangement that provides the driver the ability to better manage the behaviors of the students on board the bus. 

Student misconduct that compromises the safety of others and prevents the bus driver from performing their duties will not be tolerated. Buses will depart from designated stops at their designated time as soon as all students are safely seated. Students arriving late to the bus stop may be left behind. Your student’s bus driver will reinforce these safe riding rules with all students shortly following the beginning of the school year, when conducting bus evacuation drills and prior to the departure on any athletic or activity trip.

School Bus Discipline Procedures 

The Board of Trustees has adopted specific administrative procedures concerning discipline on school buses. A violation of these rules and/or established laws may result in a loss of bus riding privileges. Student Conduct Reports accumulate throughout the school year and suspensions of riding privileges are based on the number of Student Conduct Reports received, and/or by the offense of such action. These safe riding rules apply at all times when students are waiting for, boarding, riding on, disembarking and departing from any designated bus stop. This includes all athletic and activity trips.

School bus drivers will issue students a verbal warning regarding their behavior prior to issuing a Student Conduct Report, provided behavior exhibited is not severe. Severe behavior may result in a Student Conduct Report (SCR) being issued without prior warning. Consequences for violations of the law and of the safe riding rules are as follows; 

►    1st SCR – Warning issued to student regarding any continued misconduct. Serious violations shall result in a suspension of riding privileges without a warning being issued.

►    2nd SCR – A minimum of ten (10) school day suspension of bus riding privileges.

►    3rd SCR – Termination of riding privileges for the balance of the school year.

Upon receipt of a Student Conduct Report (SCR), it is the student’s responsibility to deliver the SCR to their parent/guardian in a timely manner. The student’s parent/guardian must contact the TSD to discuss their student’s behavior before the student can resume riding the bus upon receipt of any Student Conduct Report. Suspension of riding privileges shall begin after the parent/guardian has made personal contact with the Transportation Services staff and has discussed their student’s behavior.

Nothing in the foregoing shall be construed as to limit the right of the Director of Transportation Services, his/her designee or any member of the district or school administration to invoke a suspension of transportation privileges for either a limited or extended period of time without previous warning, should the magnitude or gravity of the situation warrant such action.

Athletic or Activity Trips

The rules of conduct contained in this publication apply to all athletic or activity trips. Students riding buses on any athletic or activity trip shall observe the same conduct and are bound by the same rules and laws that are applicable to regular home to school to home transportation service. In addition to the rules stated previously, the following applies to all athletic and activity trips;

1.  Students may board the bus only when the bus driver and the teacher or staff member in charge or authorized chaperone(s) are present. Teachers, coaches and chaperones will ride the bus to and from the trip destination.

2.  Students who ride the bus on a trip are to return to the school aboard the bus unless a form signed by the parent/guardian has been approved prior to the trips departure by a member of the school site administration. This note must specify that the student will not be returning on the bus, to whom they will be released, and at what location. The bus driver shall be apprised of any student not returning on the bus.

3.  No cleats may be worn by students or staff on the bus. Throwing athletic or other equipment is prohibited.

4.  Musical instruments may be transported provided that the instrument remains in its case and can be safely contained on the students’ lap, on the seat or the floor.

5.  While the bus is in motion, passengers may not dress or undress on the bus. Bus Loading Zone Procedures.

Students are expected to board and disembark their school bus at the stop closest to their home as designated by the district. Exceptions to this procedure may be made with the approval of the Director of the TSD, or designee given hazardous walking conditions to/from a particular bus stop.  Students riding buses to other than their designated stop must first get approval from the Director of Transportation or by his/her designee staff. Without such approval the student must ride their regular school to home route and disembark at their designated bus stop.

Students are to arrive at their bus stop at least five (5) minutes before the bus arrives and wait patiently and quietly away from traffic and private property. When the bus arrives, DO NOT APPROACH THE BUS UNTIL THE ENTRANCE DOOR HAS OPENED.

At school bus stops where any student must cross the roadway, please remember;


Bus Evacuation Drills

TSD Staff conducts bus evacuation drills once each school year for all regular and special education students riding from home to school aboard district school buses. These drills are customarily conducted at the school when the students arrive in the morning. Mats and other protective measures are employed during these drills to enhance student safety during such exercises. The safety of all bus riders is greatly served through the practice of these evacuation drills.

Hazardous Articles

State law requires that the amount of freight, baggage, or other articles carried on a school bus be safely secured or stored in a manner that will not result in passenger discomfort or injury. All aisles, doors and emergency exits must remain clear of any obstruction. Students may only transport items that can be safely contained on their lap so that every bus rider will have an adequate and safe place to sit. Parents or guardians must provide alternate means of transportation for their student when the student is required to bring large, bulky items to and from school.

Lost Items on School Buses

Students may retrieve such items from the bus driver on the next school day. When not retrieved, such items are turned over to the lost and found at the school. Personal electronic devices (cell phones, MP3 players, gaming devices, etc.) will not be left on buses. Bus drivers are instructed to bring any electronic device to a member of the TSD management team immediately upon return to the TSD. Such items may only be collected in person at the TSD office and only after positive proof of ownership is established.

Operation During Inclement Weather

Occasionally school buses are delayed due to conditions of reduced visibility (rain, snow, fog, blowing dirt and sand, etc.).  Information about delayed or cancelled routes due to the conditions mentioned previously, may be obtained by calling (760) 955-3450 or by tuning into the following local radio stations;

►    Y-102 (KZXY 102.3 FM) at (760) 241-9102

►    Kat Kountry (KATJ 100.7 FM) at (760) 245-2212

►    Talk960 (KIXW 960 AM) at (760) 241-1313

►    106.5 the Fox (KIXA 106.5 FM) at (760) 241-1313

►    The Route 103 (KVFG 103.1 FM) at (760) 244-2000

Unauthorized Entry on a School Bus

Any person who enters a school bus without prior authorization of the driver or other school official with the intent to commit a crime and who refuses to disembark after being ordered to do so by the driver or other school official is guilty of a misdemeanor and is punishable by imprisonment in the county jail for not more than six (6) months, or by a fine of one thousand ($1000.00) dollars, or by both.

Route Information

To obtain information on the districts home to school routes, you may contact the TSD at (760) 955-3450 Monday through Friday from 5:30 A.M to 4:30 P.M.  You may also stop by the TSD office located at 14801 South Mojave Drive in the City of Victorville or visit our website at, click on the Departments tab and chose Transportation Services.

Please review this section with your student(s), thoroughly. Thank you, in advance, for your support of our efforts in providing safe transportation of our students.

On this page, you will find the route/stop lists for each of the schools that we service. Click on the appropriate link near the bottom of this page for your student's school of attendance.

Please note that we only provide transportation for those students that live outside of our established non-transport zones and that reside within their school's attendance boundaries.

Transportation is not available to those on inter or intra-district transfers. Parent(s)/guardian(s) are responsible for the transportation of students that are covered by such transfers.

If you are not certain which school is correct for your address, copy the web address below and paste it into your browsers address bar, this will take you to our School Site Finder.

If you cannot locate your address with the School Site Finder, we will be happy to assist you by calling us here at the Transportation Services Department at (760) 955-3450.