Educational Services


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Dr. Fal Asrani
Assistant Superintendent

760.955.3201 x10320

Educational Services is committed to the District mission "to provide students a high-quality education in a safe environment, cultivating skills necessary for success through the promotion of integrity, 
creativity and collaboration, inspiring them to reach their full potential and become productive global citizens".

To achieve the District's mission, our collective commitment is to work collaboratively and transparently with all stakeholders to create an education ecosystem that ensures that each student graduates with a blueprint for success in life, which includes the social and academic skills necessary for successful transition to college and careers. 

Areas of responsibility include:

  • Adult Education
  • After school programs, including credit recovery options
  • Assessments, including local and State testing
  • Alternative Education options, including online programs 
  • AVID
  • College and Career Technical Education
  • College Board
  • Curriculum and Instruction support
  • Distance Learning
  • English Learner Programs
  • Grants and Special Projects
  • Local Control Accountability Plan and School Plans
  • Parent Education
  • Professional Development
  • Special Education Programs and Services
  • Special Projects
  • State and Federal Budgets
  • Strategic Planning process
  • Summer School

Thank you for visiting our website. Please contact us for any questions that you may have. Please navigate through the pages found under Educational Services for important information related to academic programs and services offered at VVUSHD.

Dr. Fal Asrani


To send an email to any of the individuals listed below, please click on their name.

 Heather Pauling  Executive Assistant   x10320
 Christine Foote  Director, Curriculum   x10375
 Kim Pleydle  Office Assistant III   x10368
 Julio Montoya  Office Assistant III   x10270
 Dr. Laureen Beyer  Coordinator, English & History/Social Science   x10420
 Dr. Carol Cronk  Coordinator, Math & Science   x10421
 Terilyn Ewart  Math Coach, Middle School   x10423
 Tamara Bonn  Math Coach, High School   x10303
 Maura Balmaceda  Coordinator, English Learner Program   x10422
 Margaret Akinnusi  Director, Special Education   x10227
 Wennifer Beard  Coordinator, Special Education   x10243
 Dr. Lorraine Collins      Director, College, Career, & Adult Education       x10272
 Teresa Nowacki  District Librarian   x31171
 Kent Crosby  District Administrator   x33103