Educational Services


Dr. Ratmony Yee
Assistant Superintendent

760.955.3201 x10320

It has been an honor to serve as the Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services for our district.  I have enjoyed connecting with staff members, students, families and our community. We have heard the word “unprecedented” used many times to describe our experience with the COVID-19 pandemic.  And what we are living and navigating through is truly unprecedented, but through all the challenges we’ve faced, we, as educators, have been resilient, adaptable, and innovative.  We are moving forward, doing everything we can to continue to educate our students while keeping them safe. 

And as challenging as things have been in education, we have to be reminded of the great things that we were able to achieve together. They include:

  • 90% average student attendance

  • Increased enrollment

  • Decreased suspensions and expulsions

  • 150+ home visits

  • 84 students/families who received resources through the Student Attendance Review Board (SARB)

  • Increased inclusion of special education students in the SDC setting to 41%

  • 100% compliant on IEPs by December 1, 2021

  • Building teachers’ capacity through flexible and personalized professional development and training

  • 40+ days of support to sites from the Ed Services team by subbing classes or filling in for administrators

We continue to implement and progress monitor our Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) and ESSER III Plan’s actions and services. Some current projects we are working on include:  revising our Strategic Plan: Opening Doors 2021-24, developing the VVUHSD Guide for Instructional Direction, providing the Outward Mindset Training for all managers, and also rolling out the Equity Task Force.

I am very proud of the Educational Services team who have adopted the motto “Whatever it Takes”.  We are all here to serve. I want to express my sincere gratitude for their unwavering dedication to our purpose and our why: Student Learning and Student Well-being.   Like most Cambodian-Chinese Americans, my parents wanted me to pursue a degree in law.  Now in my 26th year in education, I could not imagine a different career path.  Thank you for your continued support and we wish you and your family a happy and healthy year! 

Best regards,
Ratmony Yee, Ed.D.



 Katrina Neal  Executive Assistant   x10320
   Director, Curriculum   x10375
 Kim Pleydle  Office Assistant III   x10368
 Bianca Sanchez  Admin Assistant II   x10270
 Dr. Laureen Beyer  Coordinator, English & History/Social Science   x10420
 Terilyn Ewart  Coordinator, Math & Science   x10423
 Dr. Carol Cronk  Coordinator, Research, Assessment & Evaluation   x10421
 Maura Balmaceda  Coordinator, English Learner Program   x10422
 Dr. Margaret Akinnusi  Director, Special Education   x10227
 Krystal Kerns  Coordinator, Special Education   x10243
 Michael Williford  Director, Students Services   x10273
 Dr. Lorraine Collins  Director, College, Career, & Adult Education       x10272
 Dr. Kellie Williams  Coordinator, CTE   x10289
 Teresa Nowacki  District Librarian   x10428