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Carol Cronk

Dr. Carol Cronk

Math, Science and Physical Education
A-G Doorways Management
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Dr. Carol Cronk has been a coordinator in VVUHSD since 2014 and has worked in K-16 education since 1990. She has a doctoral degree in Educational Leadership and masters degrees in both Educational Administration and Teaching Secondary Mathematics. Dr. Cronk provides curriculum and instructional support to teachers in Math, Science and PE (Grades 7-12). Responsibilities include:

  • Review and alignment of standards for grade level pacing guides
  • Development and Implementation of CFAs to support best practices and pedagogy 
  • Facilitation of Department Chair meetings
  • Provide data support for Site PLCs
  • Monitoring of STAR Renaissance, MDTP, and CAASPP for Math

20-21 Mathematics Pacing Guides

Science Fair: 
The Science and Engineering Fair is a competition of science and engineering projects designed, developed, and displayed by students in grades 4-12.  VVUHSD holds site and district science fairs and sends multiple projects to the SIMSEF (San Bernardino, Inyo, and Mono Counties Science and Engineering Fair) science fair held at the county level each year. For more information on the SIMSEF Fair, go here.

After School Credit Recovery Program:
VVUHSD provided yearlong opportunities for high school students to remediate their low grades. Students can sign up for a class by attending the after school there-well sessions. The courses are self paced and content is event online. A student can remediate a course in less than 10 days if he/she chooses to remain focused and continuously studies from home. Last year, students remediated almost 4000 credits by participating from January- May. Students can take one class at a time and add additional classes as needed.
This program only allows for remediation of D/F grades. A teacher is assigned to monitor the students progress and communicate with the students and their families. Should the student not make adequate progress, the spot is given to another student.

Support Through Coaching:
The district Math Coaches, Tamara Bonn and Terilyn Ewart are in the classroom and help bridge teacher needs in relation to content or pedagogy.

Summer Professional Development:
VVUHSD staff participate in a yearly  exciting summer learning program. Many of the sessions are led by peers and district staff. Planning for the 2021 summer professional development will occur after winter break.

Victor Valley Virtual Academy (VVVA):
The district has an online school serving students in grades 7-12. Please see VVVA under schools or click on this link to learn more.