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In order for a student classified as English Learner (EL) to be reclassified as Fluent English Proficient (RFEP), all of the following criteria must be met:

1. English Proficiency Test:

An overall proficiency level of Well Developed in the ELPAC.(Bridge-Upper)

English learners at this level have well developed oral (listening and speaking) and written

(reading and writing) skills. They can use English to learn and communicate in meaningful ways

that are appropriate to different tasks, purposes, and audiences in a variety of social and

academic contexts. They may need occasional linguistic support to engage in familiar social and

academic contexts; they may need light support to communicate on less familiar tasks and topics.


This test performance level corresponds to the upper range of the “Bridging” proficiency level, as described in the California English Language Development Standards, Kindergarten Through Grade 12 (2012 ELD Standards).

Link - ELPAC Performance Level Descriptors

Link - ELPAC Standards

2.  Teacher Evaluation:

Grade of C or better in Language Arts, or an overall grade point average of 2.0, or a data-driven explanation of specific reasons the low grade is not related to English proficiency (Language Proficiency Evaluation Form)

3.  Basic Skills Assessment:

When available, a minimum score equivalent to “Meet or Exceeds” on SBAC ELA (interim or annual), when SBAC ELA scores are not available, performance in basic skills will be assessed based on the most recent of the score of 60% or higher on the approved district ELA benchmark assessment (through Pearson). (Benchmark assessment is based on the ELA- 2012 CA State Standards)

4.  Parent/Guardian Consultation:

Parents/guardians are notified at the beginning of the re-classification process and are encouraged throughout the process to participate in the evaluation of their student’s achievement towards reclassification.

5.  Principal/Designee Recommendation:

Principal or designee signature once verification is made that requirements have been met.


If you have any questions regarding reclassification, contact EL Department at

760) 955-3201

EL Program Coordinator

Maura L. Balmaceda at x10422


Special Services Technician

Abby Cuarezma at x10305