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Educational Term Glossary

Glossary of Educational terms and Acronyms used in the Victor Valley Union High School District Local
Control Accountability Plan (LCAP)

  • A- G Courses….Classes in a high school that are accepted for college entrance for both the University of California and the California State University systems.
  • AP…Advanced Placement courses are offered in high school and conclude with an end of the year exam. Student who score a 3 or better on the exams are eligible for college credit for the course.
  • API…Academic Performance Index is the state of California measure of academic growth within a schoolyear. The point system ranges from 200 to 1000 with a target of 800 expected for schools.
  • At promise pupils…students who have the potential to achieve better when given assistance.
  • Bridge Programs…Special programs offered for students entering in grade 7 and 9 to assist in making as moother transition to middle and high school.
  • CAASPP…California Assessment of Student performance and Progress is the new state achievement measurement. Replacing the old STAR, CAASPP will include the new Smarter Balanced assessment taken annually.
  • CABE…California Association of Bilingual Educators
  • CAHSEE California High School Exit Exam…Beginning in tenth grade, students in the state have an opportunity to take and pass the state test as a requirement for high school graduation.
  • CALPADS…California Longitudinal Pupil Achievement Data System is a statewide on-line system that provides student identification and demographics for district and state use.
  • CCSS…Common Core State Standards
  • COE…County Office of Education
  • Credit Recovery…An opportunity for students to re-gain credits towards graduation.
  • CWA…Child Welfare and Attendance
  • DAC…District Advisory Committee consists of parents that serve as an advisory body to the district.
  • DELAC…District English Learner Advisory Committee consists of parents that serve as an advisory body concerning interests pertaining to English Learners
  • Destination College…a Partnership between the district and UC Berkeley that fosters student engagement and awareness in getting ready for college.
  • EL…English Learners
  • ELA…English Language Arts
  • ELD…English Language Development
  • FAFSA...Free Application for Federal Student Aide
  • Foster youth…Students who are placed in foster homes. This is a new sub-group for all districts in the state of California.
  • FTE…Full time equivalency (full time employee)
  • Gas to go to Class… A program offered by Victorville Motors to promote perfect attendance by offering a chance for those with perfect attendance a free car.
  • INSPECT…An online item bank of questions for teacher selection and examination creation. It allows students to take tests online similar to how they will experience the new state tests.
  • LEA…Local Education Agency is a district, school or county office.
  • LCAP…Local Control Accountability Plan
  • LCFF…Local Control Funding Formula is new way in which districts receive funding
  • Low income pupil…New term for students who are eligible for free and reduced lunch
  • Mod-Severe… An identification of a pupil whose disability is identified as Moderate to Severe.
  • NGSS…Next Generation Science Standards
  • Para-professional… An instructional assistant or aide working with a teacher to support student learning.
  • Parent Portal…is part of both Aeries and School City data systems. Portals allow parents to access student achievement data online.
  • PBIS...Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports is a school-wide initiative that sets forth high expectations for students and at the same time offers positive supports to correct misbehaviors.
  • PBL…Project-based Learning is hands on real world application learning in a classroom setting
  • PD…Professional Development
  • RFEP…Reclassified Fluent English Proficient student
  • ROP…Regional Occupational Program
  • SBAC…Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium is one of two online testing platforms nationwide. California has selected this testing consortium.
  • SPSA…Single Plan for School Achievement outlines the steps and funding a school will take in order to improve and support student achievement.
  • SST…Student Support Team is composed of a group of educators who collaborative arrive at decisions to assist students who are at promise in achievement or behavior.
  • School City…is an online student data system that has accessible portals for teacher, parent and student access to monitor student achievement.
  • Title I…A federal funding source for the district that is apportioned to assist students that are economically disadvantage.
  • Title II…A federal funding source that districts use to support teacher professional development.
  • VVUHSD…Victor Valley Union High School District
  • WestEd…A California-based, highly regarded, educational research and consulting firm.