Foster Youth


In accordance with AB 490 foster youth have the right to:

  • Remain in their school of origin for the duration of the school year.
  • Immediately enroll in school even if they are missing records normally needed for school enrollment.
  • Attend a regular, mainstream school unless they have an IEP requiring a different educational placement, or the person with educational rights determines that it is in the child's best interest to attend a different educational program or remain in his/her school of origin.
  • Have their school records transferred in a timely manner (2 days).
  • Have their grades protected. A youth's grades cannot be lowered due to absences caused by a change in placement, attendance at a court hearing, or a court ordered activity.
  • Receive partial credits.  Schools must award all students credit for full or partial coursework satisfactorily completed at another public school, a juvenile court school, or a non-public, non-sectarian school.



Ensure that the rights of foster youth are being protected in accordance with AB 490, VVUHSD provides:

  • Immediate enrollment in school
  • Support and advocacy
  • Assist with prompt transfer of educational records
  • Collaborate with Child Protective Services, Probation, transitional housing, County Office of Education, and other school districts
  • Tutoring
  • Workshops (financial aid, career exploration, life skills, postsecondary education, self-advocacy)
  • Support youth in completing their high school education
  • Coaching support
  • Transportation assistance
  • Assistance with the transition from high school to post-secondary education
  • Provide backpacks, chromebooks, hotspots, school supplies and resources necessary for successful educational outcomes



If you have any questions or need any services listed above, please contact:

District Homeless Liaison:

Tiffany Hampton
(760) 955-3201 x10426

Rachel Storch
(760) 955-3201 x10429

Diana Chapero
(760) 955 -3201 x10916

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