SENIORS 2024 - Technology Returns

Notice to seniors on track to graduate at the end of the school year.

2024 grads
  • If the device will be needed for summer school, you may keep the device until summer school is over.
  • As a reminder, all seniors on track to graduate must have all technology checkouts cleared before graduating.
  • We will be starting the check-in for seniors starting on 4/29/2024
  • As a reminder, all returns must include the supplied power adapter and any Wi-Fi hotspots checked out during the timeframe.
  • Seniors planning on attending summer school or still scheduled to complete an AP exam may keep the device until all sessions are completed.

If you have questions concerning this notification or a checked-out device, please complete the below questionnaire and a department representative will contact you for further information.

Please do not contact the district office or school to request clarifying information on this notice.

Request more information through the Google Form above.


Senior Technology Information