Mrs. Shaw's Medical Courses


jMrs. Shaw offers medical courses in two Health Science Medical Technology pathways to include Patient Care and Biotechnology.

The Patient Care Pathway prepares students for occupations and functions involved in the prevention, treatment, and management of illness and the preservation of mental and physical well-being through the services offered by the medical and allied health professions. The courses focus on developing knowledge and skills needed by professional and technical personnel pursuing careers in this pathway. 

The Biotechnology Pathway prepares students for
 occupations and functions relevant for understanding and solving biomedical problems and creating products to improve the quality of human life. The courses assist students in acquiring the knowledge and developing the skills necessary to succeed in diverse careers such as Clinical Trials Research Coordinator, Forensic Pathologist, Biostatistician, and Geneticist Lab Assistant to name a few. 

For more information on these pathways and career opportunities please click the Patient Care or Biotechnology link to your left.

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