Applying for a Job

Now that you have found the job that you are interested in applying for, you may have questions on how the process flows.  Below are some frequently asked questions that we receive from applicants.  It may be helpful in answering your questions.  If your question(s) are not answered here, feel free to call the Classified Personnel department and we will be more than happy to answer you question(s).

Where do I find out about current job openings?

The Classified Job Openings tab contains the link to the NeoGov website where all of the magic happens in the world of jobs for the Victor Valley Union High School District.  For ease of access, click here to go directly to the NeoGov website.

How does the Classified Personnel department determine if I qualify for the job?

The Classified Personnel department reviews the application and materials submitted and evaluates your qualifications on the information submitted on the application.  Sometimes a supplemental application is used to help determine your qualifications.  It is important that you fill out the application materials completely and attach any required documentation, (i.e., high school diploma, driver license, etc.) as indicated on the job posting.  You may include a resume; however, the resume will be used for clarification purposes only.  Do not state "see resume" when asked to describe your experience and responsibilities. Failure to include all information requested could result in the rejection of your application.  It is suggested that you look at the job description for the job you are interested in to ensure you have captured all of the essential functions in your application.  A listing of job descriptions can be found here. ----> Job Descriptions

Do all applicants take an exam?

Applicants who are deemed to meet the minimum qualifications for a job will be notified of a scheduled date, time, and location for the exam.  For some positions, the supplemental application is the actual test or portion of the test.  All communications are done via email, so be sure to include your correct email address on the application and check it daily.  Sometimes our mail is delivered to your junk or spam mailbox, so be sure to check it as well.

What kind of exam will I have to take?

The exam will be structured based on the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to perform the job duties.  It may consist of any one or more of the following:

1.  Evaluation - of your training and experience on the application/supplemental.
2.  Written Exam - Paper and pencil text, primarily multiple-choice questions related 
     directly to the knowledge, skills, and ability required to perform the job duties.
3.  Technical Exam - Answer questions or perform duties related to the position for
     which you have applied, i.e., Accountant exam may require advanced problem 
     methods and calculations.
4.  Performance Exam - Test involving performance of duties required on the job, i.e.,
     keyboarding/computer test for clerical positions or repairing a sprinkler for ground 
     maintenance positions.
5.  Structured Interview - Interview by a group of panelists asking the same job-related
     questions to all candidates and rating them based on the depth of the answers.

How do I prepare for the test? What do I study?

A thorough review of the job description and announcement will help you to understand what knowledge, skills, and abilities are required for the position. For example, an accounting job may require mathematical calculations and understanding/interpreting regulations, so a review or study of math and reading comprehension may be helpful in preparing you for the test.

What happens if I can't attend the exam on the scheduled date/time?

Candidates are required to attend the examination on the prescribed date/time. Those who are unable to meet this requirement must wait until the position is posted at a future date, reapply, and participate in the examination process at that time.

How will I know if I pass the exam(s)?

Candidates are required to attend the examination on the prescribed date/time. Those who are unable to meet this requirement must wait until the position is posted at a future date, reapply, and participate in the examination process at that time.

What happens after I take the examination?

You will be notified via electronic communication of your test score.  Vacant positions are filled by the hiring agent after a selection interview.

What if I want to apply for more than one position - do I need to submit an application for each?

Yes, a separate application is required for each position. Please remember your basic application information is stored in your NeoGov profile and can easily be adapted appropriately for each position for which you apply. Keep in mind that it is your responsibility to update your profile if you move, change your email address or any other pertinent information.

Do I get bonus points if I am a veteran and/or disabled?

You may qualify for an additional five points (ten points if disabled as the result of military service) if you rendered service in the military during time of war or national emergency. Qualified veterans must submit a copy of the DD214 with the submission of the application in order to receive the additional points. The points will be added to the passing score for qualified candidates in an open examination only – not applicable to promotional and/or management candidates or for dual eligibility list exams.

Do I get bonus points for being an employee of VVUHSD?

For current permanent classified employees, longevity service points will be added, as appropriate, to passing scores in the amount of one point for each completed year of service up to a maximum of five (5) points.

How do I get selected for an actual position?

As vacancies arise the Classified Personnel department will schedule selection interviews from the available candidate pool, plus any employee transfer and/or reinstatement requests. The hiring department may select any one of the certified candidates.

What should I do if I am called for a selection interview?

Make sure you know the date, time, and location for your interview. If you need a reasonable accommodation for the interview, request it at least 24 hours prior to the interview.  It may be important for you to jot down the name of the person who contacted you to schedule the interview and a phone number in case an emergency occurs and you are unable to attend the interview.

If I am unable to attend an interview does it make me ineligible for future positions in that classification?

Not necessarily. A certified eligible candidate may decline an interview opportunity up to three times. However, at the time of the third declination the candidate’s name will be removed from the eligibility list.

What if I am selected for a position?

If selected for a position you will be contacted by the Classified Personnel department for an offer of employment. You may either accept or decline the offer. If you accept the job you will be given information regarding pre-employment processing, salary, when and where to report and other relevant and necessary information.  Once you are selected for a position your name is removed from the eligibility list for that job; however, your name will remain on any other eligibility lists for the specified duration of the eligibility period.

What if I am not selected for a position?

Your name will remain in the eligibility pool for consideration when future vacancies occur until the list expires. If you are not hired during that time you will need to wait for another recruitment and reapply for the position.  Do not be discouraged if you do not get a job the first time you apply. VVUHSD is a great organization, so competition is high.  Try again!