VVHS students win game design awards

Jackrabbits win big in video game design contest
Posted on 06/09/2016
A group of Victor Valley High School students recently took home several top awards at Game Design Summit 2016.

The students are part of Denise Roderick's video game design class at VVHS. They sent in their games for consideration in the nationwide competition and were well rewarded for their efforts.

Team Unstable Gamers!!!!! of VVHS was awarded Best in Class High School. The team will be awarded a trophy and certificates.

VVHS also took home several judges awards: Best Character went to "Comp game" by Team Robo Destroyers from VVHS; Best of Show was awarded to "Smog" by Team Dynamics from VVHS; the Team Most Ambitious award was given to "Hover Cat" by Team Gamer Cats from VVHS; and the School Most Artistic award went to "Jack's Amazing Adventure" by Team RB Gaming from VVHS.

Team Robo Destroyers
Team Lead:  Chris Camacho Graphics:  Ebenezer Tinajeros and Robert McClelland
Music and Sounds: Chris Camacho

Team Dynamics!
Team Lead:  George Lim
Graphics:  Alijah Whitfield
Music and Sounds:  Dominic Jaimes
Team Gamer Cats
Team Lead: Tobias Moore, Graphics: Kle'Jon Louis
Music and Sounds: James Lundy

Team RB Gaming!
Team Lead:  Casandra Ruiz
Graphics: Jacob Miramontes
Music and Sounds:  Josue Bacas, Project Manager:  Kasey Woolbright

Team Unstable Gamers!!!!!
Team Lead: Zackery Davis, Graphics: Alexandria Shirley and Zackery Davis
Sounds and Music: Travis Pegenia
Project Manager: Andrew Resto
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