Digital Citizenship



The Victor Valley Union High School District is committed to helping our stakeholders utilize technology responsibly by implementing a Responsible Technology Use Agreement environment.  This environment includes:

  • PARENT/GUARDIAN: Acceptance of an opt-out only Responsible Use Agreement (RUA) during the online registration process.
  • STUDENT: Annual digital citizenship lesson completed within 30 days of enrollment.  Lessons are 20-25 minutes administered within classroom labs, classrooms, or at home.  Content is grade specific utilizing CommonSense Media lessons.  To access the digital citizenship lessons, students will have the Digital Citizenship Google Classroom added to their Google accounts within 1 week of enrollment.

Google Classroom JOIN codes.

If a student does not have the Digital Citizenship Google Classroom, please see your site CMS or email for the JOIN codes.    



  • STAFF: Acceptable Use Policy signed during employment process and acceptance of use upon computer login.